Welcome to Miguel's Digital Portfolio!

This is my own spot on the internet where I showcase my work, projects, skills, and what I am up to!

Web Development

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With almost 8 years in the industry web development has become my specialty. This website is a sample of all of the skills I have acquired. From setting up a LAMP server using AWS technologies to host this site to hand coding everything both front and backend.

My interest in technology and Computer Science all began when I wrote my first web page in high school.

Check out Web Development page to find out more about past projects I have worked on.


Python is one of the programming languages I am very skilled with. I've been coding Python since my early years of college. I use it almost all of the time. Whether I need a quick tool or script to get the job done, I'm usually dabbling with some Python code.

One of my most recent Python projects is a small twitter bot I created, as a fan project for a TV show, using Tweepy and a MySQL/MariaDB database which is all hosted on a Raspberry Pi.

Latest Entry From My Blog

Date: 01/15/2022 6:09 PM

Busy week this week. A kitten showed up at my door one morning. It was very frightened and kept running off. I set some food and water out for it, and when I checked later in the afternoon I noticed the food was gone. My two cats, Chrome and Mac, fixated themselves out the window when they spotted the kitten. The kitten was still afraid of me, but I kept trying to bring it in so it would not have to endure the cold at night. Eventually I was able to lure the kitten in with food and bring him inside before the cold night. He was only with me for two days as I had to give him away. We unfortunately could not keep the cat, but I'm glad I was able to rescue the little guy. He's with someone and has a home now. I'm sure he's very happy, as is Mac, my littlest cat, now that he's the baby of the house again. Just a small update on what happened in my week!

-Miguel Rodriguez