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Miguel Rodriguez's Web Portfolio

Just your not-so-average Web Developer.

Mobile Websites? No problem.

Responsive Mobile Design

Mobile Websites? No problem.

Over the course of my career as a Web Developer and Designer, I have learned to create professional websites that scale according to the size of any screen or window.

In a more mobile world, I understand that businesses also have a need for a mobile presence. Thanks to my skills and mastery in CSS, I am able to create websites and web applications that not only look good, but are also highly functional on both the desktop computer and mobile phone environments.

You can even see the mobile version of this page on your phone!

Some Previous Works

CPR Tools Inc. Website

CPR Tools Inc. Website

The start of my career!

In 2014 I was hired as a web developer by a local data recovery and security company in my town. I was still in college at the time with only a high school class's worth of knowledge about Web Development at the time.

During my time at CPR Tools was when I began to really hone my skills and experience as a Web Developer. I had been hired to develop websites and web applications for clients both local and larger companies.

It's Got Value - Office Depot

It's Got Value, Office Depot Website It's Got Value, Office Depot, Trade-In

While working at CPR Tools, one of our biggest clients was Office Depot. During my last year at CPR Tools I designed and developed a phone trade in website for Office Depot. I wrote this entire site from scratch both front end and back end.

Although this site has changed a bit from when I first designed it, It still uses most of the code I wrote, and the original database, when it was first developed.

As of this day, this website is still live and in use right here.

RR Project Portal

RR Project

This was a personal project I created to showcase authentication using AJAX.

This login page checks to make sure users exist in the databae, and then proceeds to authenticate and sign the user into the portal.

Oh! You've made it to the bottom. More to come as I continue to build my web portfolio.